The Last Word is a collection of five star Intimate Hotels™. It is also a family business which aims to take hospitality beyond boutique to a distinctly more intimate experience. 

Three values are at the heart of our brand equity;…. peace, ….space and ….time. Each is a cherished state of mind, but when they are collectively encountered, the sensation is out of this world.

Our locations are selected to instil peace of mind. So exclusivity, safety and privacy are paramount. We focus on serenity creating sanctuaries of tranquillity with beautiful views.

 Personal space is enhanced by our inordinately large rooms and the small number of guests we care for.  And whilst we can’t move the clock back we can enrich personal time by slowing down the pace with warm personal attention.

Intimate Hotels are an affair to remember; pleasingly different and distinctly superior.

Normal rates include lavish breakfasts, all beverages including premium spirits and Wi-Fi.