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July 19, 2023

The Closer You Get the More You Feel

There is something about being in the wild that feels different. Maybe you’ll discover your roots or on the other hand become more responsible for nature and its survival

The Closer You Get the More You Feel

On any safari spectacle this is certainly on the list and the closeness to the lesser known is the way the wilderness and its wild animals charm your soul.

Safari is how many travellers gain access to their other side, closer and amazing but not all experiences are the same. Some are surely more intimate and happier than others so, its important to delve among the many choices.

There is a rather special place, a waterhole in the Madikwe Game Reserve where the affinity to Africas great animals is highly prized. Day or night this elusive little stretch of water attracts all kinds and its so near it appears to be part of the private camp.Its like an amphitheater, the public areas and the rooms all getting views up close of the big five, cheetah, wild dog and many smaller species. And if you want to get even closer there is a hide sunk below ground at the side of the dam where you can almost touch an elephants foot.

Then, of course there are the game drives early morning and evening, a chance to pursue what’s on offer across the plains and hills, all 70 000 hectares of wild bush that make up the Reserve. However, at Last Words Bush House the animals come to you, to that magical watering hole because over decades they have learnt that the best water is the one you know.

They don’t mind the affinity. They see the eyes of people in camp and we are close enough to watch theirs. We see each other. We begin to understand the relationship. We realise the role humans have to play in sustaining this life. We understand their part in this exceptional, happy convergence.

Get as close as you can. The feelings will remain forever.

Last Word acquired Bush House in July this year and is a perfect fit for the market space we are creating; Beyond Boutique. It’s a sanctuary, small and intimate and comes with kind, happy and knowledgeable staff, characteristics that will continue to build Last Words brand promise; Lovely People, Lovely Places.

Like all the others BushHouse is ‘elusive’.


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August 28, 2023

World Rhino Day Walk

In honour of World Rhino Day, the lodges of the Madikwe Game Reserve would like to create awareness and are proud to present the seventh annual Rhino Walk. The event is being held to raise funds to help combat rhino poaching in Madikwe Game Reserve.

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The valley of Constantia is known for its award winning wine and great food, but there is a hidden coffee culture that’s brewing amongst the locals now too. These are a few of our favourite spots for a delicious cup of coffee.

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