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The Last Word is no ordinary group of hotels. Small, elusive and distinctly special, almost handmade in its own way, they are a collection of collaborative human affairs crafted by inputs from all the players involved with the brand – guests, staff and associates. Such artisanal elegance attracts people who love life and bring life to life.

Last Word’s character flows with kindness and charm. The aura is graceful and rare, way beyond boutique – space large hotels would never be able to fill because of its intimacy, privacy and cocoon-like safety. Here price is no reflection of value. The brand is judged by the people it keeps. And they are agents for social change who give of themselves to make the world better through travel. The other assessment is the serenity of the destinations.

Lovely people lovely places lastword
Lovely people lovely places lastword

Brand promise

Lovely people & Lovely Places

Accordingly, our company purpose, the reason why we’re in business, is; to make people happy, which gels with our brand promise; lovely people, lovely places. Together they conjure an attractive alchemy where the promise promotes the purpose and the purpose driven by our staff leads the promise. This harmonious flow relies on an attitude and willingness of those who stay and those who host. Such craft is an alternative to the way travellers have been accustomed to.


Being akin to artisanal with its own characteristic imperfections Last Word’s way will differ from convention in five-star establishments. It’s five stars are the same but not the same. In addition, there is a greater cause to think about. We may not fit the glitz and glamour, but our quest is distinctly one of greater pleasure.

It’s comprehensible. Happiness will inevitably be the elixir that fashions lovely people in lovely places, unhappiness the distasteful toxic brew that taints the alchemy. And not just for one but for all. That fine balance of discerning hospitality is so important to our brand health that disgruntlement of any kind can never be allowed to spoil the good work.

Last Word is not for everyone

Last Word is not for everyone. Only a few can be accommodated when we’re full. It’s not elitist. It’s elusive. We will never be able to please every whim in travel but we want our prospective guests to know that we try hard to deliver that loveliness we promise and the sensual gratification that flows. If you want to be a custodian of such feelings we welcome your involvement with open arms. So, make sure you research Last Words proposition carefully. Choose wisely. Travel has many choices. 

Lovely people lovely places lastword
Last Word is not for everyone

All five of our Intimate Hotels and Safari Camps are nominated in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, please take a moment to vote for us by clicking here