The Shape Of Our Water

Bathing is respectfully discouraged, but otherwise all other facilities are in normal operation with just a kind reminder to save water wherever possible.

We have been preparing for this for quite some time and to ensure our guests have an uninterrupted water supply, we are tapping in to underground water sources and have installed sophisticated water filtration systems. These systems will also include hygienic storage tanks, so that in the unlikely event that the municipal water supply is cut off, we will still be able to supply our in-house guests with water for cleaning, drinking and other necessities.

It is important to note that with every stay at The Last Word Intimate Hotels, all beverages, select wines and premium spirits are complimentary and included in this offering is bottled mineral water, of which there is no shortage, for all guests at any time. Each one of our hotels has also stockpiled a large supply of five litre fresh mineral water bottles, just in case they may be needed.

Drought or not, Cape Town is also open for business as usual and you will still be able to enjoy a five-star experience including all the favourite tourist attractions and activities.

Last week Satsa, Cape Town Tourism and other tourism bodies got together with the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Provincial Government and Wesgo and they were quoted as saying, “Cape Town and the Western Cape were open for business in spite of the current drought, however arriving visitors are urged to be mindful and water conscious. …there will still be available water for tourists and locals’ critical needs. This water is considered to be for personal hygiene and consumption.”.

For a more calm and insightful discussion on the subject of the drought, click here to listen to a podcast of Cape Talk radio host John Maytham interviewing Peter Johnston, a climate scientist from the University of Cape Town. Alternatively click here for a few key points from a recent webinar between the above governing bodies, the article also contains an audible of the entire webinar.


Kelsey le Voy