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September 25, 2020

Fireside Chats at The Last Word Kitara

This Spring, we are taking the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Also, to spend some time with those that mean so much to us- our lovely people.

Fireside Chats at The Last Word Kitara

"After a lengthy lockdown, getting out and about to our properties is just what the (Cape) doctor ordered. My trip presented a golden opportunity for me to reconnect with our team on the ground. It was super to be out exploring our country’s wonders again." says Nicky Coenen, Group General Manager of The Last Word Hotels and Safari Camps.
Our 'Fireside Chats' is a 'Q&A' series where we find a nice comfortable nook in our ‘beyond boutique’ hotels to sit with our team and shoot the breeze a bit. We hope that following in Nicky's footsteps helps you feel closer to the experiences that await you. May they also help you know our lovely people at our serene sanctuaries a bit better.


A safari-lover, Nicky's first visit naturally took place at The Last Word Kitara. She caught up, fireside, with our dynamic duo at the heart of our serene sanctuary and lovely people, Donovan 'Don' and Lee-Anne 'Lee' Detert.

It's still a little chilly in the mornings and evenings at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve; Nicky’s fireside location for her chat with Don and Lee was very fitting. Why not pour your favourite beverage (hot or cold, depending on where you are in the world), settle in, and enjoy this edition with us?

NC: Hello, Don, and Lee. It's so good to see you both again. How's your coffee? Mine's divine. So, remind me, how long have you both held your position as our General Managers here at Kitara?
LD: Good morning, Nicky. Ah, its lovely and warm, thanks. Just what we needed on this fresh morning. Well, can you believe we have been on the reserve for fifteen years? Time flies when you're having fun!

NC: It is incredible to wake up at Kitara. There is no place like it. Tell me, Don and Lee, what is your favourite part of the day?
DD: We both love the mornings. From hearing the ‘bush sounds’ waking up, and the beautiful noise that the birds make, to witnessing the breathtaking sunrises. There is nothing better.

NC: During your time in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, have you had any guests who didn't ever want to leave?
DD: Definitely! We have a saying, "Arrive as guests and leave as friends," and we have formed beautiful friendships over fifteen years from all over the world. It brings us great pleasure to make everyone's stay as unique as we can. Recently, we had some guests of ours extend their stay in camp. We were delighted!

NC: What does 'beyond boutique' mean to you and your team?
LD: Intimate, exclusive, adding special touches to make all the difference. A passionate team.

NC: For which experience is The Last Word Kitara best known?
DD: Our private game drives in wilderness surroundings, led by our expert field guides. Our guide and tracker teams together possess a wealth of knowledge. They are committed to delivering unforgettable moments on safari to our guests. Right now, its all about leopards! We have just had an amazing sighting of a youngster. Both mother and cub are very relaxed.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our lovely people a little better. They can't wait for you to visit in person. If you want to fix a date with us to make that happen, reach out to our friendly reservations team who are on standby for you.



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