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March 19, 2020

Meet The Team at Kitara

The Last Word Kitara is not only surrounded by beautiful open spaces and serene nature, it’s also filled with lovely people.

Meet The Team at Kitara

Every member of our team has been carefully selected and brings something distinctive to each guests’ safari experience.

Let us introduce you to a few of our main team members …

Our team is led by the marvellous Donovan and Lee-Anne, who are devoted to caring for The Last Word Kitara and its surrounding community.  Both are originally from Johannesburg and love spending time with guests at the lodge, guaranteeing that every detail of their stay has been cleverly thought out and perfected. They both also love leopards and have a passion for the environment, regularly getting involved with local community projects.


Stefan is our resident photographer and loves sharing his amazing photos with guests and our online community. He is originally from Bloemfontein and was drawn to guiding and photography through his love for nature and the environment. His favourite animal is also a leopard and he has been fortunate enough to have a few close encounters with a leopard at Kitara that regularly enters the camp. Stefan is known for always being extra polite and happy to lend a helping hand.

Vusi is one of our incredible trackers and has a brilliant sense of humour! He is always making everyone laugh and lightens up every moment at the lodge. His impeccable tracking skills enable guests to see a wide variety of animals and bird species when on a game drive. Vusi is also the Kudu horn blower when our team dances after dinner in the boma. There is no end to his talents and we value all that he does for not only The Last Word Kitara, but the community as a whole.


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October 19, 2020

The Klaserie In Bloom

As the rain starts to fall the flowers of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve start to bloom, a welcome sight after the dry dust of winter.

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Within the North of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve the landscape becomes incredibly different to what is found in the South of the reserve.

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