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January 30, 2020

Next Level Long Beach Surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular activities in Cape Town, and with plenty of beautiful beaches (and waves) to choose from there is something for everyone. The 2020 Olympic Games in Japan will be the first time we’re seeing surfing as an Olympic sport, making this the perfect time to book a surfing holiday in Cape Town.

Next Level Long Beach Surfing

The Last Word Long Beach has direct access to the beach and is just 40 minutes drive from the centre of Cape Town. Long Beach boasts some of the best waves in the Cape Peninsula. It is also suitable for beginners and more advanced surfers. This is a particularly special beach because when the south westerly wind is blowing there are both breaks to the left and the right. This gives ample opportunity to surfers both goofy (right foot forward) and regular.

If you're catching a wave at Long Beach, odds are you'll also see long-boarders, bodyboarders, and kneeboarders. Long Beach is one of the only spots in Cape Town where the break holds up in a south-westerly wind.

Stop by KomSurf to pick out some new gear or chat to them about lessons and rentals.


The Last Word Long Beach also offers complimentary dinner to all guests, join us on the balcony for a fantastic sunset dinner after a great day out on the waves. All rooms are ocean facing and offer breath taking views of the surrounding mountains and sea.                                                                                                       For intermediate to advance surfers, local favourite Long Beach is the perfect spot to surf!

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October 19, 2020

The Klaserie In Bloom

As the rain starts to fall the flowers of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve start to bloom, a welcome sight after the dry dust of winter.

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Within the North of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve the landscape becomes incredibly different to what is found in the South of the reserve.

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