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March 5, 2020

The Greater Kruger's Crowning Glory

Planning a safari to Africa is likely one of life's most rewarding activities. It takes you away to a far off place, even before you've arrived. The very word 'safari', derived from the Arabic word 'Zafar', means 'to journey'.

The Greater Kruger's Crowning Glory

And when contemplating this, it isn't a stretch for your mind to ponder the wildlife you may encounter when exploring our ancient, alluring continent. You may find your imagination alights on the image of the statuesque giraffe, for example. And, you may already know that the collective noun for a travelling tower of these exquisite creatures is known as a 'journey of giraffe'.
Serendipitous. Romantic. Whimsical.

Allow us to take your hand for a moment as you continue this journey of planning. Let us lead you down a path of discovery to South Africa, to the world's most famous of all wildlife areas, the Greater Kruger. Soon after, we'll arrive at the safari destination of your dreams. Let us introduce you to a place that is more deserving of your time and attention than any other, the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. We want to share with you the incomparable experiences that await you here that only we know.


The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is considered the Greater Kruger's crowning glory. A 60, 000-hectare privately owned and meticulously cared for safari sanctuary, it is home to the largest and most diverse concentration of wild animals in the world, including the Big Five. Access couldn't be easier as its located on the well-loved safari circuit of the northern Kruger. The reserve is a mere twenty-minute drive from the gateway to the area called Eastgate Airport. Combining the Klaserie with the Cape Town and the Winelands is a beautiful way to experience a well-rounded experience, seamlessly.
Despite being so easily accessible, Klaserie's exclusive nature elevates the safari experience beyond extraordinary. Devoid of crowds and nestled within the profound beauty of the northern reaches of the reserve is The Last Word Kitara. Here, our luxurious 6-suite bush retreat perches on the banks of the reserve's namesake, the seasonal Klaserie River, an unofficial highway for wildlife. Although we have plenty of action out in the bush to show you, armchair safaris are just as popular at Kitara! Come and see why.

The Last Word Kitara Map

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is the real wild, in private. Where lions, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, wild dog and so much more leave you spellbound. Day or night, we accompany you on game drives and walking safaris, unveiling the awe of an exceptional wilderness. The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve was established in 1972 by a cooperative of conservation-minded citizens, joined together in a common purpose- to protect the national treasure that is our wildlife, for posterity. We work tirelessly with our neighbours, the renowned Kruger National Park, which also serves as our vast, fenceless border to the east of the Klaserie, to protect ancient migratory paths of the megafauna such as elephant and buffalo. These migrations are an essential part of maintaining a holistically healthy ecosystem for our iconic wildlife such as the large and small creatures alike. One of the world's most endangered species, the African wild dog, may thrive here as a result. A cause that the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is deeply committed to, the Eco Children initiative, educates the next generation of community members about the importance of conservation.


The Last Word is a modest collection of five-star hotels, family-owned and run. Classified as Intimate Hotels™, they are exclusive, intimate, serene, cosy, friendly and secure, and the experience pleasingly different and distinctly superior. Our lovely Last Word team comprises a group of people who have chosen a life less ordinary. These folks live and breathe our wilderness dream just as they do our ethos of kindness and gracious hospitality. They will host you at our home-from-home in the bush, The Last Word Kitara. Our collective quest is to ensure that your stay with us is exceptional and endearing in ways that matter only to you.

So please...your hand.


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August 28, 2023

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