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August 4, 2017

World Rhino Day

"Only when the last of animals, horns, tusks, skins and bones are sold, will mankind realise that money can never buy back our wildlife" – Wild at Heart. Concern for South Africa’s depleting rhino population led to The Last Word Intimate Hotels joining the Wilderness Foundation Africa and The Mantis Collection in their commitment to conservation.

World Rhino Day

The Mantis Collection decided to pilot the Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Hotel Rhino initiative and The Last Word Intimate Hotels - with other family-owned, five-star properties within this collection - adopted the concept in the hope of helping this great cause. To be part of the Hotel Rhino initiative guests are given the opportunity to buy a plush rhino toy, the proceeds of which go to the rhino cause.


The current goal is to acquire a BatHawk aircraft to support with anti-poaching activities. We need to sell 5 000 rhinos to achieve this – every purchase brings us closer to this goal. By taking a rhino home, it isn’t only your donation that supports the rhinos, but this could facilitate your family and friends’ awareness of the plight of this endangered species.

The foundation focuses on protecting endangered species and keeping them in their wild habitat; ensuring that existing and newly-established protected areas are well managed; and seeking to deliver holistic skills development and education interventions that harness the healing power of nature, to equip young people to be economically-active and environmentally-responsible citizens.

Conservation begins in the classroom – your home could be a place of learning about the state of our world’s wildlife


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August 28, 2023

World Rhino Day Walk

In honour of World Rhino Day, the lodges of the Madikwe Game Reserve would like to create awareness and are proud to present the seventh annual Rhino Walk. The event is being held to raise funds to help combat rhino poaching in Madikwe Game Reserve.

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There is something about being in the wild that feels different. Maybe you’ll discover your roots or on the other hand become more responsible for nature and its survival

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